Gait Correction with Orthotics

Walking with an abnormal gait can cause you some issues over time. There are a variety of different foot problems we can all suffer from and from walking pigeon toed to suffering from athlete’s foot are common ailments. Heel spurs and even neuromas are other  frequent problems a wide swath of the Canadian population suffers from and the solution is as simple as getting the right gait correction with orthotics.

What you need to know

This modern medical marvel is all about repositioning your foot to bring it into an alignment with your ankle so everything works smoothly. The problem is quite often an abnormal motion when you are moving around that can cause a multiplying effect over time. These inserts are specifically designed to correct what’s wrong with your gait cycle and fix any imbalances in your stride.

What happens

Usually, a good Toronto podiatrist will subject you to what’s called a gate evaluation so they can pinpoint any problems you’re having. This analysis only takes a matter of minutes and will be instrumental in pinpointing any of the issues you’re suffering with. You and your doctor will come away from this simple procedure with a battery of facts about your feet like whether one leg is shorter than the other or one foot flatter than its partner.

The orthotic inserts that you finally wind up with will feel comfortable and correct any issues over time with your gait. These are custom designed and are as comfortable as any other insole that you use in your regular shoes. Usually, they can be removed and fit into any kind of shoe that you have in your closet just as quickly and simply as you swap out insoles.

Time on their feet

Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet understands how injuries and abnormalities can affect their comfort, ability to get around and even quality-of-life. There are a variety of medical conditions that can be made worse by poor posture and an abnormal pace. The simple solution is quite often getting the right gait corrections with orthotics.

This treatment procedure works for a variety of age groups and using orthotic inserts can help both children and adults with a variety of different chronic heel pain issues, as well as bunions, ankle sprains, shin splints and a variety of other ailments. Remember these custom-made inserts are totally different than the off-the-shelf variety that you can buy in big-box stores which can often do more harm than good.